The personal look at your property

Are you looking for a service provider who cares about your real property just like an owner?

Would you like to have somebody take reliable care of your house while you are on holidays or away for a longer period of time?

Do you need a person of trust to assist your parents or in-laws in taking care of their own real estate?

My promise

Uncompromising quality

When you make structural alterations, perform maintenance, or modernize your real property, I am ready to help you by selecting contractors and checking their good workmanship.

Focus on economic efficiency

I can help you develop your property in terms of both technology and business so as to maintain or improve its value, and optimize rents.

Your property in safe hands

When you are away for a longer period of time, you can trust in me to look after your residential property or plot of land.

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Taking a burden off your shoulders

My role is to be the connecting link between facility management and owner, and I will keep your real estate in perfect order.

All inclusive
Services at a glance
  • Perform regular and detailed checks and inspections of your property
  • Take care of your house while you are away
  • Assist in and monitor major or minor construction and maintenance work
  • Document the as-is situation when moving house
  • Propose necessary and meaningful refurbishments
  • Request and check quotations, and follow up on the entire procedure until invoice verification
  • Coordinate and look after all contractors
  • Cooperate with owners, architects, contractors, and facility management
Michael Piché

Michael Piché

Who I am
  • Passionate citizen of Wiesbaden since 1969
  • Master’s degree in engineering management
  • Trained real estate manager holding a certificate of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Further education in real estate management, cost finding, tendering, letting, billing, and in the German Ordinance Regulating Professional Fees for Architects and Engineers in Construction
What you can expect from me
  • A good network of contractors which I have developed during many years
  • Trusting cooperation enabling short response times
  • Technical knowledge and talented craftsmanship guaranteeing economically efficient and practical solutions
  • Economic action for your benefit, i.e., as little as possible but as much as necessary
  • Many years of experience in facility management allow me to see what your real property may be lacking
What is important to me
  • Taking a holistic view of your property
  • Maintaining an appreciative and trusting relationship
  • Honesty and fairness in cooperation

“Mr. Piché is a very reliable and highly competent partner who looks after repair and rehabilitation work in our flats and buildings. He is very swift in processing any upcoming project (requesting quotations from contractors, making arrangements with tenants and public authorities, etc.). He monitors and checks ongoing work, and addresses any complaint directly to the contractors concerned. Mr. Piché is also contributing his own technical expertise which enables him to propose ideas and options in order to solve problems. We especially appreciate his friendly contact with our tenants and the good connections he has to a variety of craftsmen and service providers. Exchanging information with him is very prompt, straightforward and reliable. To document everything, Mr Piché takes photos and sends them to us via e-mail. This enables us to promptly make decisions on our leased premises even though we are not present on site as owners. For us in Göttingen, it is a good feeling to always know what is going on in our houses in Wiesbaden.”

Dr. Rolf Egbert, Dagmar EgbertGöttingen

“Mr. Michael Piché has been looking after my property in Wiesbaden-Schierstein since 2018. The building concerned is a multi-family dwelling which has 7 rented apartments and which, due to its age, constantly requires maintenance and modernization work. Mr. Piché takes excellent care of all work to be performed in this regard. In case of smaller projects, he is, first of all, filling the gap between activities of a purely administrative nature and caretaker services. But he is also able to oversee more complex building projects from requesting quotations up to monitoring actual construction work. His friendly and extremely knowledgeable approach to work quickly gained him trust on the part of tenants and contractors alike. His focus on the essentials is of great assistance to me in managing my property, and also makes sure that it will maintain or increase its value. As he is present on site and due to good communication and documentation, I am always well aware of the condition my property is in even from afar. I am pleased to recommend Mr. Piché's services.”

Alexander TietzeBerlin

“In meinem vermieteten Reihenhaus musste im Untergeschoss ein Wasserschaden, dessen Ursache zunächst unbekannt war, beseitigt werden. Aufgrund negativer Erfahrungen mit Sanierungsarbeiten in diesem Haus war ich auf der Suche nach einem Fachmann der die erforderlichen Arbeiten organisiert und überwacht.Eine Empfehlung von Haus und Grund führte mich zu Herr Piche, der unverzüglich die erforderliche Maßname für eine fachgerechte Beseitigung des Schadens ergriffen hat.In enger Kooperation mit von Ihm ausgewählten Handwerkern hat er die Reparaturarbeiten überwacht und zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit beseitigt.Herr Piche hat nach der Schadensursache geforscht und den Verlauf der Feuchtigkeit, einschließlich der Trocknung, über mehrere Tage mit Fotos und mit Hilfe einem Messgerät genau dokumentiert. Die in einem Diagramm festgehaltenen Ergebnisse waren für die Handwerker von großer Bedeutung. Sie konnten somit zielgerecht die Sanierungsarbeiten vornehmen.Für mich war Herr Piche ein voller Erfolg. Er hat zielstrebig und mit fachlicher Kompetenz auf Augenhöhe mit den Handwerkern verhandelt. Er hat die Angebote eingeholt und die Arbeiten bis hin zur Rechnungsprüfung überwacht. Er war für alle Beteiligten ein angenehmer und zuverlässlicher Verhandlungspartner. Insgesamt war ich mit der Dienstleistung von Herrn Piche sehr zufrieden und empfehle ihn als Fachmann gerne weiter. ”

Ingo ReineltWiesbaden
Just give me a call, I will be glad to advise you

We can arrange for an appointment to have a first glance at your premises. This first inspection will be free of charge for you (in Wiesbaden and in the Rhein-Main region).

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Michael Piché

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